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Sounds good

honesty, integrity, loyalty


08 sep   Edinburgh

I love reading, camping and being outdoors, Right now I am student looking to improve my marketability at the a local church school. I am looking to go into a medical field. I like to play hard and work hard, and I also to kick back and relax at the end of the day. I love being creative and resourceful. I love a good since of humor or a good try at it any way, my saying with that is "can you take it and can you dish it
Just want to meet someone real and caring who will love me for real and who will always be there for me..

Qualities I look for in man is: honesty, integrity, loyalty, deep respect for others, good communication, purpose in life, strong in the gospel and loves to live it everyday, hard working, knows how to kick back too, likes to have fun and laugh, has a good go at trying to have a since of good humor! looking for what i thought were simple down to earth things in a man, but im quickly realizing that its like looking for a needle in a haystack to find what i am looking for, im just going to say i am a good lady, not as good as my mother is or my grandma was, but alot better than i have seen most women be to their men these days..