Singles Edinburgh  20 jul 2017

I-m looking for the only one

I'm looking for the one. I like the outdoors, motorcycle riding, bicycling, walking, swimming, the gym, going to church on Sunday, holding hands, car rides, and eventually seeing this beautiful country. My music tastes vary, I like to laugh, and am a bit sarcastic. I'm just looking for the perfect fit in my life. Is it you? I am a veteran, and I am slightly alergic to cats.

I am 5'9" tall & weigh 175 Ive been told i look better inperson. I'm a open book just ask. I enjoy everything life has to offer I will do just about anything once twice if I liked it the first time. We only live once why not have some fun while we can. You will never know unless you try.


Fer Hi Hazel, I agree with you, we should try to squeeze life, time is the most important and life is nothing if you don-t have anyone to share feelings.