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Friendship Edinburgh

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In this group you ll meet all kinds of friends in Edinburgh completely for free and online. Find or look for friends in Edinburgh.

  • like to get to know someone who is kind and caring, passionate

    25 oct   Edinburgh

    I'm a little shy around people I don't know and in large groups. I like to go for drives, travel, go out to dinner, cook, go to movies, concerts, and Griz games. I'm good at fast forward, rewind, and sometimes pause. I get along well with children and others. I can shake hands, speak, or remain quiet and listen. I'm a great all around companion and good on trips and at play time. I can fetch all types of balls, Frisbee, or groceries. I'm protective but not possessive. I love to cuddle and be close, but I can keep myself occupied and or amused when I'm alone.

    I'd like to get to know someone who is kind and caring, passionate and personable, pretty and witty, pretty funny and gives me butterflies in my tummy. Someone who can look me in the eyes and know their alright with me and make me feel everything is gonna be alright. I value affection, reflection and treating others as you wish to be treated whether it's the waitress at a fancy restaurant or cashier at In and Out.

  • looking for someone to take on the world as a team with me

    18 oct   Edinburgh

    I am a simple minded person, easy going, I appreciate honest people, I think life is beautiful and everything about it should be treated with care and love. I am an honest, respectful person with a big heart. and yea funny too. I have spent most of my life working very hard to attain a successful career. I enjoy spending time with the person who can take her time to be with me.

    Looking for someone to take on the world as a team with me, not spend all our time and energy arguing with each other. I now know the meaning of “Soul Mate”, I do, however, see things more clearly now that is why I am looking for that right person. While my life was a mess, I didn’t want to bring someone into an unhappy situation. Although alone I am happy within myself and ready to find my soul mate, as the old saying goes, you must love yourself before you are truly able to show love for someone else.

  • a friend first and a mate later

    22 sep   Edinburgh

    I´m  a entlmang, smiley, kind, honest and family oriented man.
    I´m looking for a smiley, kind, honest and family oriented woman.

    We can start our friendship and then see what we can share together and maybe we can build something strong for the future.

  • just looking for friends with similar interests

    10 sep   Edinburgh

    Introvert, sarcastic and a bit misanthropic. I like humor, good movies and cats. Can't live without music.Sport is a big part of my life too (good to combine with music when jogging, cycling or exercising in the gym. Few months ago I ran my first marathon. Want to try diving this summer. I like nature - mountains, woods.. and the sea, of course (i can spend hours contemplating it). I love travelling (2 or 3 times in a year), it's a good way to experience new things, see new places and people. In my spare time I draw or paint with oil, do some handmade stuff.

    Not interested in marriage or 'sexual adventures'. Just looking for friends with similar interests and the way of looking at things, or language partners who will help me to improve my English skills. PS I'd prefer to communicate with people about my age.

  • Looking for genuine person

    01 sep   Edinburgh

    Love to laugh, try new things, to have a good time and I don't take myself too seriously. Travel, music, movies, reading (singing -very badly) and dancing.
    Don't like people who take themselves too seriously, arrogance, disrespectful people or those with poor manners!

    Looking for genuine person to share good times with and if all goes well, is in it for the long haul! Down to earth, intelligent, good values, loves his family and friends, hard worker, sense of humor, social, has hobbies an is passionate about something!

  • the relationship should be romantic

    31 aug   Edinburgh

    Many say I have hard character. But I am definitely a true-hearted and honest person, funny and friendly. I believe, that every person is individual and it is very interesting to know each other, so I love to meet people. Sometimes I am self-sufficient and purposeful, never sitting in one place all time and active.

    I am a positive, energetic and mild-temper person. In my spare time, I like meeting my friends, going out in the nature, traveling and reading books. I like visiting theaters, cinemas, jogging sometimes and cooking. I like photography.

    Man who knows that the relationship should be romantic, gentle I would like to meet a man to create a loving relationship, I want my partner to represent the following features: kindness, care, attention, ability to understand and listen, who will have a good sense of humor, and is a smart and reliable.

  • am looking for a new best friend

    29 aug   Edinburgh

    I would describe myself as a true gentleman, very successful, experienced, mature, respect women, fun, smart and I remain curious and love to try new things with someone. I'm not intimidated by great physical beauty, tall height or incredible feminine brain power. I'm sensitive to a Lady's desires. I share and am very giving. I could be your greatest champion, consort and best friend. I am athletic; I like to work out. I like to cook. I like gardening, motorcycling, traveling or just stay in home, I enjoy water related activities and being outdoors.

    I am looking for a new best friend. It is my hope to find a partner for life but know that friendship must come first. I have been a widow for 6 years. I live alone in an old house but modern with many trees and also vegetable garden I enjoy nothing more than making people laugh, I am funny, very intelligent, a leader, open minded, generous, outgoing and easy to talk to. I drive to fast and take to many chances with my life. My interests are varied and I like to learn something new every day. Family is important to me. I love deeply and unconditionally.

  • seeking for honest woman

    27 aug   Edinburgh

    I'm simple man and always honest.. I'm here to look for honest woman to get marriage with. I love to jokes with people,, I like to travelled to different countries.
    I make my hair no style.. I want my best features should be honest to me. I love to wear any good cloths.
    I'm seeking for honest woman that love me from her real heart and fight together for our future and live in a good state. Not too really beautiful woman. but with a good behavior and be trusted.. And not play game with me.

  • love me the way i am

    23 aug   Edinburgh

    i am a honest and love caring man, this is my strongest point
    am looking for love and caring woman who will love me the way i am, very traditional and respectful

  • I need an honest, direct and caring woman

    23 aug   Edinburgh

    I'm optimist, I like to have fun and I have a great sense of humor. I like a lot of things, bright sun, good weather, sea and mountains. I like to spend my free time with my friends. I love to have fun, to go to the cinema and the theatre, to visit museums and exhibitions. I like to travel and have rest outdoors as well.
    I need an honest, direct, caring, intelligent (most of the time) giving, loving, adventurous, and considerate. I enjoy Life, sharing affection and I'm very passionate someone to share my feeling with and a brave and a courageous woman.

  • like minded lady

    08 aug   Edinburgh

    Retired, intelligent, far traveled. Interested in the truth, politics, finance.
    Casual and conservative in dress and appearance. Average height.
    Would like to find like minded lady.

  • nice people to make friends with

    02 aug   Edinburgh

    I am honest man with good sense of humor. I am nice and treat people like i want to be treated. I love to meet other people and spend time with family makes me happy. I am looking for nice people to make friends with as well.

  • wild romance, deep friendship

    27 jul   Edinburgh

    I'm ready for something real... I'm probably not well-suited for the weak of heart or those who lead rigid, traditional lives. I love myself. I own my story. I am beautifully flawed and blissfully free-spirited. Pretence holds no appeal; I crave honesty, openness,. I believe that being fully present in the moment means accepting things - and people - just as they are. I'm interested in wild romance, deep friendship, earned trust, consistent honesty, mutual adoration and companionship... without the need or demand for ownership, posession, or the illusion of permanence. I don't want to be tamed - I want to be challenged, supported, and inspired.

  • sincere heart

    26 jul   Edinburgh

    i am interested in you and i am a lady whom needs to make some nice friendship and dont mind the race or culture nor language age is just but numbers all that matters is sincere heart kindly i have some things urgent to discuss with you on your acceptance its will benefit both of us in life and i would want to invest in your country kindly send me your email to write you and share pictures.
    i am a classical woman, my best futures its my eyes and sharp.
     He should like movies, action is ok but documentaries are not. He has to have been taught manners and know when to use them. Hopefully he watches football but not baseball and likes to host parties as well as attend them.

  • looking for nice people to make friends

    24 jul   Edinburgh

    I am honest citizen with good sense of humor. I am nice and treat people like i want to be treated. I love to meet other people and spend time with family makes me happy. I am looking for nice people to make friends with as well.

  • looking to meet a new friend

    10 jul   Edinburgh

    33 year old guy looking to meet a new friend for general things like hanging out, etc.

    I'm friendly, fun and always enjoy meeting new people and good conversation to have fun or relax.

    I have some interests including music, travel, movies but I generally enjoy simple things like a good chat over some drinks.


  • Looking to make new and genuine friends

    12 jul   Edinburgh

    Since Edinburgh can be a lonely busy place it's hard to make good friends. Many people also move away or get settle down. I'm looking to meet like minded people from all walks of life. Capabilities, Ethnicity, female or males, no judgment. Must be a genuine person. Who are up for a good laugh, fun, adventure and exploring the city. Loads of free events or inexpensive or treat ourselves to some luxurious places. Museums, galleries. theatre. shopping, jazz bar, parks, day out to the seaside. If you are up fun get in touch.

  • Friends, women, socials, events, chats, girly, friendships

    12 jul   Edinburgh


    Summer is here and I'm looking forward to meeting lively gals for developing friendships, attending social events and girly times.

    A bit about myself: black woman, 42 seeking other straight women of similar age.

    I have the usual interests like eating at restaurants, going to art galleries, love coffee shops. Also into cultural events, music festivals, clubbing and wine bars from time to time. More serious stuff - business growth and self development.

    If you are mature, and can resonate with the above, get in touch.


  • Meet friends to improve my English.

    07 jul   Edinburgh


    I need improve my English a lot....and I'm looking for anyone that can help me.

    I like sport, cinema and something to do and enjoy the life. I can help with Spanish

    I'm waiting your contact!! Thanks!!


  • Meeting people for friendship in Edinburgh

    04 jul   Edinburgh

    Young woman serching for new friends. Nice and joyful love having fun and do lots of activities with people like me.

  • Meeting people in Edinburgh

    04 jul   Edinburgh

    hello, new here and alone. looking for new friends to talk and have some fun. A bit shy but open minded.

  • Wishing to have friends......

    04 jul   Edinburgh

    hello everybody Looking for new friends to do lots of activities and enjoy together.

  • Meet new people in Edinburgh

    03 jul   Edinburgh

    I am a loveing caring an beautiful heartman I love the outdoors Hobbies :fishing 4x4 w driving, camping. Meet new people in Edinburgh.

  • Would love to meet interesting people

    03 jul   Edinburgh

    This year I'm really serious about building genuine friendships and I'm here to meet like-minded individuals to explore the city with. I love the outdoors, theater, art, nature, live music, as well as trying delicious cuisines. Looking to meet others with similar interests.